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Why Isn't Your Marketing Partner Transparent?

[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 26, 2017 2:27:20 PM / by Chad Sims

Chad Sims

What if I told you that your marketing partner was stealing your money? What if I told you they have been collecting rebates and kickbacks from the media sources they advertise with? What if I told you that most client-agency contracts insist that all discounts, rebates, and benefits earned by media spending be returned to you, the client? How would you know if they kept these kickbacks to pad profits? Is your marketing partner being transparent with you?

 At sMaac, we owe it to partners like you to be open and transparent. In fact, we want you to know where your money is being spent. We want you to ask the question “Why is my money being spent there?” Other marketing companies don’t always have a fiduciary responsibility in where your money is being spent. Instead of selling you a one-size-fits-all program, which typically benefits marketers and media companies (who partner together) to ensure quotas and personal sales goals are met, we offer choice and transparency. We empower our partners by informing them. You will know where your investment is being targeted, why our strategy benefits you, providing up-to-date results in real-time available to you on demand—before you pay!

Getting to know each other will foster better working relationships. All relationships are founded on trust. We earn and maintain trust through results and transparency. We follow four simple steps to garner what we call “trust through transparency.” 



Four Simple Steps:

1. Together, we set clear, reasonable expectations, terms, and conditions in our agreements from the start.

2. We listen first. Learning your past experiences, current needs, and personal vision for growth ultimately leads to productive dialogue.

3.  Pay-for-performance marketing empowers you to get started without the gamble of traditional marketing. When we perform, you pay. It’s that simple.

4. Long-term Performance Partnerships are borne out by results. We are not happy unless you are. Together, we grow and expand because mutual success has determined it be so.


We read the same newspapers that you do. We see the big marketing companies exposed for their kickback profit schemes and the repeated denials. Unlike them, we think you deserve a 21st-century marketing company. We want involved partners who hold their partners into account. Avoid the mistake of marketing as a box-checking exercise or rationing succesful strategies. Marketing is the life-blood of your business. We market your business because we love it. We’re sMaac.

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Chad Sims

Written by Chad Sims

Mr. Chad A. Sims, MBA is the founder of sMaac Digital Marketing, LLC, a full-scale digital marketing consultancy and web development firm located in Indianapolis with a focus on working with B2B organizations.